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Posted on Jun 27, 2013 | 0 comments

Your Profile – Part 1 – Some Basic Tips

So you join up to an adult dating site and you need to create a profile. Just a word of caution, your profile is your sales page. It could make or break you. Treat it well.
I have a damn good profile. I get kudos from ladies all over Australia for my profile (and 1 guy lol). I talk to the reader/lady in my profile, tell them about me, and ask questions, tell people what I want and what I don’t want. Let them get to know me …before they waste their time on a message.
One lady went so far as to say ” I do not like what you want…but I know a lady who does, here is her contact info”, and it panned out OK. That would not have happened if my profile was, well, junk mail.

Part 1

Couple of quick simple tips, which I will expand on later

  • Do not assume the ladies are desperate
  • Be Honest.
  • Verify your age.
  • Have a picture in your profile.
  • Have a *face* profile pic as *1st* pic.
  • Put a *lot* of effort into your profile – its your sales page.

OK lets expand on those points

The Ladies are not desperate
Sorry but there are plenty more of you in the sea, and they outnumber the ladies. It is a buyers market, and the ladies know it.
Oh you’ve got abs and a ten inch cock….yeah but so does the other guy… and he smiles more… and its not a creepy smile

Be Honest
Seriously, there is enough bull on these sites to keep everyone in a second job sweeping floors. There are sooo many fakers out there, you will stand out from the crowd just by being honest.
Get known for being honest, showing up when u say you will, pics match reality, etc…and it pour down for you…doors will be pulled open with enthusiasm, doors which you never thought you could knock at…and there maybe more than one lady answering the door.

The exact opposite will occur if you lie or are deceitful. Ok sure you may get laid the first time, maybe even a second time… but word will get around, and not just on this site but all the others that the ladies are on. 80% of human conversation is about gossip. Its no different on a website than the rest of the real world.
Gossip Stats

“There is no such thing as Business Ethics… only Ethics”
A simple tip. If you think that there is the dating site world and the real world then you are doing it wrong. There is only the real world. A lady pointed that out to me, in a joke, but it did make it clear.

Give them something different. The Truth, complete and unadulterated.


Verify Your Age

See that bit up there about being honest. Verifying your age helps your cred.

Perhaps I should not have been but I was a bit gob smacked that people lie about their age. It happens enough of the time that anyone who have been around for a while (or have talked to someone who has *hint hint*) will just ignore profiles and messages from people that are not age verified.

The guy who showed up on the ladies doorstep obviously 10 years older than his profile pics got a ‘no way honey’/door slammed in his face. Complete and utter waste of his and her times. Worse for him, she told her friends, the exact same ones he tried soon after. boh bow, no deal ! There goes your time, there goes your subscription money.


Have a picture in your profile.

Having a pic helps your Honesty Credibility. Too many people have seen the pic and bought into it, only to find the pic is just a wee bit out of date… oh and he does not have abs anymore.
Sorry, hate to say it but no pic is not going to get u far. Profiles with pics get far more attention.

While we all are non perfect / human, some people try to be more human than others…. Don’t succumb to this. Be accepted and fucked for who you are.

Don’t be

  • the guy with abs in his pics but moobs in real life
  • the guy with a ladies profile, complete with pics of his ex girlfriend. ‘He’ contacts lesbian and bi ladies and swaps pics. (why for ffs, just google it.. “oh but they are real ladies”. Well yes they are..but you ain’t going to be touching them in real life).
  • the guy with the 10 inch cock in his pics but 7 in bedroom. Personality is going to be the decider for most ladies after a while.

Some don’ts for your pics

  • Wear sunglasses. This is bad body language. Essentially you have something to hide. See Honesty
  • Blurry pics. FFS get a camera and a mate to use it. See Honesty
  • I have only heard this from one persons and I don’t have any data on it but don’t prop yourself up with well props. Be interesting on your own 2 feet. Leaning on a colorful prop or on a fence on the beach is out, holding a big fish is OK. One is …background. The other is you, a part of you, who you are.
  • This one is my personal preference – messy rooms. Faarrk, I aint fucking a minor, grow up and clean up.

Give them something different, the truth. You will be amazed how far it will get you. I have been.


Have a *face* profile pic as *1st* pic.
I have spoken to enough ladies and heard their complaints. No more cock shots for fucks sake. Seriously there can be only so many profiles with a dick poking them in the eye before the ladies get sick of the bruising. Take the hint.

“but this is a sex site, they wanna see my cock/abs right”
Yes they might *but*, and its an important but, they also want to see a face – the one they will be pashing later. They can see cock anytime. Don’t believe me? Do a search for guys in your area. You will see more cock than u ever wanted.
FYI I don’t have a cock pic up, and I don’t have abs. I am getting plenty of offers though

Give them something different, a face.

OK onto Part 2 – Tips and Tricks

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