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Posted on Jul 29, 2013 | 0 comments

WebChat Rooms – How to be successful

The chatroom on my chosen adult dating site is where things really took off for me. I went

  • From: pursuing ladies, with 620 carefully crafted messages sent over the course of a year resulting in 5 meets with ladies, of which 3 ladies I actually proceeded to Warp Factor 9 with,
  • To: Being pursued, with 30+ ladies giving me their numbers or sending me winks in the space of 6 weeks.

Total Turnaround ! Let me show you how.

Note I am only human and I cant handle more than 2 conversations at once. Try as I might, it just does not work, so I don’t try anymore. I just stick to my 2 conversation limit now. Know your limitations and strictly obey. You run a significant risk of pissing people off by unintentionally ignoring them.

How to be successful in a Webcam chatroom
Unsurprisingly no different to the rest of the world but with a key factor that a lot of ‘arseholes/dickheads/no shows’ make reliable nice guys stand out like dogs balls at a nuns convention. Sweeeeet.

  1. Get a Webcam
  2. No Cock Cam
  3. Point of Difference
  4. Be polite
  5. Conversation
  6. Horse Whispering
  7. Advertising

Get a WebCam
Get a cam and use it. You are going to get significantly more contact if you have a cam because:

  • People can see who they are talking to
  • It helps establish trust.

Yes I know, its a sex site and, like, they are totally, like, gagging for it mate (lol)…but think about it guys, is she really going to let a faceless random stranger / potential axe murder pray at her holiest of holies… or is she more likely to do horizontal folk dancing with a guy whose face she has seen and had a laugh with

Trust: I have said it before and I will say it again: Trust is a major issue.
So many guys will have fake pics, lie about their age, put up couples profiles, or rip off their ex’s pics and create a ladies profile so that they can swap lez pics….its mind boggling the ways guys (and some women) think up ways not to get laid on an adult dating site.
A web cam helps establish trust. The ladies or the couples have visual proof of who you are.
Get a webcam and get trusted.

No Cock Cam
So after careful (albeit somewhat mentally scarring) observation over a few weeks that in a room of 100 people.

  • At least 70% will be single guys (the rest is a split between ladies and couples with a few transgenders).
  • Of those guys about 20-30 will have web cams. *Easily* 95% of those guys have got their cock out on cam, tugging off.
  • Additionally half of the couples with a cam will have a single guy tugging off.

Now imagine you are a lady. You are in the chat room, some guy talks to you, you click on his cam and BHAM you got a cock in your face…again ! The ladies get really sick of this really quickly, usually by about day 3.
Additionally she is having a conversation and your having a tug…would you do that at the pub? Do you find that a bit weird (If you answer no to that last question then please please please join up now and make me look good ).

Be different and don’t cock up.

Point of Difference
It really does not matter if you have a 10 inch dong because so does the next guy…oh ‘but I have abs’…yeah so does he, and believe me mate when I say that there are a lot of them. You are just a drop in the ocean if the only thing going for you is the big dong and the great abs.

You really do need to make what is known in sales as a Point of Difference. I can’t compete with the 10 inch dongs so I don’t. I am just me:

  • Funny
  • Polite
  • Expressive face
  • Can have a conversation
  • A bonus one here is I play music (the web cams have audio), and I bop around a bit while typing. I am animated, I am lively.

Kids, you need to be on your best behavior or you wont get any dessert.
Be polite at all times.
Your behavior is on display in the chat room and believe me when I say people are watching and making judgement…and those people chat/gossip and before you know it word in the room is that your a rude abusive arrogant prick, and your just wasting your time and money.

A couple of things on how not to be rude in a chatroom (and in real life).

  1. Say hi to friends by name when you enter the room, say good bye to friends when you leave. Basic huh.
  2. Slag a lady off because she does not want you.
    LOL – This is *really* effective at getting your name turned to mud *really* really quickly. I observed this first hand. The lady came out of a private chat, complained about the guy and within minutes he was blocked by several other ladies based on one bad interaction with a lady. Best behavior at all times kids, you don’t get a second chance.
  3. SHOUTING    <— thats shouting ok.
  4. Don’t argue with people. No matter how wrong they are, how right you are, just don’t do it. No one wants a rude abusive prick in their house, even one who is right.
    …and your arguing over “she said this to me”… oh fuck me this is not year 3 at school, grow up for fucks sake.
  5. Private chat request someone as soon as they enter the room. Give em a chance to scratch their keyboard first mate.
  6. Ask a lady to get her tits out before you have conversed with her. After you have been talking for a while is fine.
  7. She ain’t a performing seal… and its a free show so bear that in mind too.
  8. Say please and thank you in such requests – I sometimes feel a bit smug when 20 guys ask impolitely and she says no, and then I ask and she says yes. For The Win !
    See Rule 6.

Oh a bit of ancient wisdom for you. When 2 water buffalo fight there are 3 losers. The 2 water buffalo and the rice paddy. Don’t kill the vibe in the chat room by fighting, people just walk away or they just block the 2 fighters.

Still not convinced….An unacceptable number of women in Australia have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence….they don’t want that crap in their lives, that’s why they left the prick and are on here. You ain’t going to pick up by being a rude prick. Arrogant, pushy maybe for the ones that like that, but rude never cuts it.

Having the ability to have a conversation with people, even ones you are not interested in, is a huge advantage. Do not underestimate this. It demonstrates your personality, which is ultimately what people are seeking. IE people similar to themselves in personality, views, outlooks (only 2 ladies were for in it for the cock only), or complimentary personalities (sub/dom for example).

By conversing you stand out from the guys:

  • who just say ‘show us ya tits’
  • with abs and big dicks but nothing else (and there are lots of these….so it becomes boring after a while for the ladies).
  • who go straight for the kill – hey baby how about a fuck.

I talk predominately with girls (cos that’s what I am interested in) but I also talk to guys, couples, and transgenders. It probably helps that I like to gasbag but seriously I talk about sorts of shiz…faaark I was talking about books 2 days ago…which prompted a conversation to start with very nice results.
Which leads me to my next topic.

Horse Whispering
It took me a while to figure out that this was what I was doing. For you see Horse Whispering is about building a rapport with a wild and free horse but above all a curious horse by establishing trust, and *then* putting a saddle on it and riding off into the sunset.  An example of this was the guy walking away from the horse and the curious horse following. No sudden movements, no loud voices…and the curious horse comes over and nuzzles the guy. Wow, notice the role reversal of guy pursue girl.
Now this is very different to typical horse training which is to break the horses will, *then* put saddle on and riding off into the sunset. Poor fucking horse…and some prick has already done that before hmmm.
The former can take minutes to hours, the latter weeks. Choose wisely.

A couple of ways this might work:

  • People watch my cam and I say Welcome
    Welcome to my cam and then I just say hi and attempt to start a conversation: ask em how its going, whats doing, ask questions about their replies, and then from there talk shiz.
    To mix it up a bit it might be hey got any music requests you want me to play
    But wait a while before getting flirty. Indeed they might say something flirty about something that someone else says. Throw ur flirty comment in now, maybe have a 3 way conversation.
  • People watch my cam and I say Welcome but
    Welcome to my cam, but hey I am talking to someone, cant deal with too many conversations, it might be a while before I reply to you.
    I don’t engage, I don’t get flirty, I simply let the curious horse watch me and then approach.

Now I understand getting a phone number in the first instance – I have not gone in for the kill immediately but I have asked at some point.
The second instance has me flabbergasted though. One 6 different occasions I have barely said boo to someone as they watch my cam as I talk to someone else for perhaps for an hour or more. Said lady announces she is leaving the room and BHAM I have a private message with her phone number.

Me: “Why? I don’t get it, I barely said boo !”
Her: “You didn’t hit me up for a fuck, every other guy does that”.

Simple as that guys. Almost zero effort. Let the curious horse follow you.

Oh you might be afraid of that horse getting away but don’t be, they always come back to the same watering hole.

Again I didn’t know I was doing this until much later but I was creating a feeding frenzy by showing simply saying “Hi xxx, thank you for visiting my cam”
a) I have basically said to any other lady reading that post that “Ohh, Lady 1 is interested in this guy, maybe I should have a look too”, and

b) I have demonstrated I am polite – I said thanks.
ZERO guys in the room do this. I am the only one.

I asked around and was surprised that I had more ladies following me than the ladies had guys following them, when the lady had clothes on. I too had my clothes on. Remember that guys out number the ladies significantly.

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