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Posted on Jul 3, 2013 | 0 comments

Profiles Part 3 – Collected Thoughts

Just some random thoughts that dont justify a separate post

Some striking differences about Mens VS Womens profiles

If you’re a guy and you post a profile and you get a message. WOW. That is rare, follow that hot lead up. They have selected you out of bucket loads of others.

If you’re a women and you post a profile then expect a LOT of attention…some ladies report 200-600 message in 24 hrs.
It’s all very flattering but unfortunately the people that contact you in the first 24 hrs are likely just trying the shotgun approach – contact everyone and see who replies.

  • Put a keyword in your profile and ask that anyone who messages you to should use that keyword in the subject.
    A simple scan of the subject line shows who actually read your profile and is replying to you
  • Ignore any profiles without pictures.
    Filter out the lazy ones or the ones with something to hide straight away. Yes there might be a diamond in the rough in there…but why is the diamond not on show?…. and why are you working so damn hard for it when there is easier digging else where ??


Menstrual cycle

Well this was interesting. Which part of the menstrual cycle she is in will affect what she finds attractive, and attractive for what – short term or long term partner
Don’t worry too much if they don’t message straight away. If you’re a good guy, and have a memorable profile, there will come a time when she will want you.

Women and their cycle 

Changes in Women’s Mate Preferences Across the Ovulatory Cycle


Who Reads Profiles anyway

Aaaagh ! major complaint of the ladies. Read their profiles damn it. This is especially important in the Chat Room. Read their profiles before contacting them.

  • Don’t ask questions that they have already answered in their profile.
    Do not be like every other douche on the site and ask dumb shit like “Where do you live”.. “uh duh its my profile”
  • Do ask questions that follow on from information in their profile.
    Show that you made an effort to read their profile and then engage them with relevant questions.

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