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Posted on Jul 6, 2013 | 0 comments

Online Dating Safety

I don’t want you to scare you off internet dating per say. These people exist in all aspects of life but they are relatively few in number, just play it safe is all. Here is how….

So… I work in IT and I am thorough. I know how to use Google search very well. The Internet is a scary place when putting info up out there. Any one suitably motivated can spend the time to find info on you, using publicly available information.
Scary people exist (and not just guys). Don’t give them anything to go on. These people are not like you, they don’t have the same internal brakes as you and I. Do not make the assumption that they are like you – reasonable, sane, know some social boundaries, know the meaning of “NO!” etc.

Some simple tips when engaging with unknown others:


  • Do use a separate mobile phone number for sites like this
    This number is not used anywhere else, it cant be linked to you. Smart huh !
    Buy a 2$ sim, and use it in your phone when you want to make contact or be contacted.
    Give out your real number when you trust that person.
  • Do use a separate email account for sites like this
    This email address is not used elsewhere, it can’t be linked to you. Smart huh !
    Easy peasy. Use gmail to create a separate email account (I recommend Google for their awesome spam filters).
    Use it in your sign up…but if you have already created your account then change the email address you use.
    All the dating site junk mail goes to one account.
    You can ignore the email, delete the account, whatever, whenever you want, and it won’t affect other parts of your life. Try doing that with your main email account.
    Oh and there is nothing quite like saying ‘oh just let me find that in my email’ with someone looking over your shoulder…. and your private emails with “interesting” subjects etc showing up on the page.
  • Do use a made up name

  • Do use that separate email address with things like Skype or Google Talk for safe texting and video chat
    Seriously this is a no brainer. There is absolutely no reason to use your mobile number to get to know some one.


  • Don’t give out mobile numbers
    Have a think about this – that person you are talking to could come around uninvited to your home. HUH WHAT !!
    Well if you are like most people and you haven’t modified the security settings on your favorite social site, and I have the corresponding smart phone app … then there is a good chance I have your real name and location, and whatever else you mention in your public posts.
    With a surname and suburb, its not hard to use say Whitepages to find your home phone number and your address.
  • Don’t use your main email account for sites like this
    See above.
  • Don’t use your real name in your user handle/account name
    Faaaaarrrk! I have only seen this happen twice. On both occasions the account was deleted within 3 hours.
    Why? Well the profiles gave a suburb and a surname. Well hello Whitepages, can you tell me their home phone number and their address.
    Bet you 10 bucks some weirdo called. Fuck, anyone calling unannounced would be scary.
    Hopefully that’s all that happened. Someone actually knocking on your door would be scarier…

Have fun by all means but be safe.

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