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Posted on Aug 14, 2013 | 0 comments

Not everyone is like you…or The Smartphone Syndrome

OK so here I was texting this lady one day. Texted something.. oh and then that bit I forgot..oh and another to qualify something…. (I gas bag a lot /smile/).
Anyways she comes back with ‘whoa slow down, I cant keep up, I come back and I have 10 messages. I can only check one at a time’.

What, huh ? Whats this ‘check one at a time’ shiz. Took me a second but it finally clicked – she had an old school phone, not an bigscreen iPhone or similar (I have a Galaxy Note II). Reading a text conversation is a piece of piss on a smart phone. Pain in da arse with an old school Nokia or similar.

Why would I blog that ? Well to highlight that we make assumptions about others that are not always true. Everyone I know has a smartphone, so I assumed that she did too.

  • A pertinent one is that you are a guy who is on a sex site. You want sex now.
    Do not make this assumption of others also on the sex site.
  • Tits out on a web cam does not mean ‘take me, take me now’.
    Far from it. It might be a confidence boost (wow lots of guys like me), or just general exhibitionism, or in a few of my cases because I asked nicely

Well not a big post but worth thinking about – they may not have the same reasons as you.



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