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Posted on Nov 27, 2015 | 1 comment

MsK2 – Long Term Relationship sought

So as you know I have been seeking a relationship since the start of the year, maybe a bit before that. That search is a long one – finding a person you want to settle down with who supports all the same things you do in a relationship is difficult.
That relationship needs to have my 4 pillars supported: honesty, communication and humour – essential for any friendship. It will also need the 4th: great sex.

Great sex is important to me, it always will be but definitely not the only thing I seek – *that* I can find.

So back in June found me getting a message from MsE whom I decided not to see anymore. A part of that was that I was just starting to see MsK2.
I meet MsK2 at PJ Gallaghers in Parramatta while out on the town with some friends from AMM. I saw her playing pool with a friend and 2 guys. I thought she was taken so I was not doing anything other than waiting to play pool. Well the pool game ended, the 2 ladies lost but the guys wandered off to do something else. We got talking and it was apparent they were not together…aaah interesting :)
We talked more, played pool and then wandered down to see my other friends. This was quite beneficial it turns out. My friends were mostly female (one whom was a previous fwb MizzM), and a guy. I say beneficial as these people know me well and spoke highly of me..while I off getting drinks of course :P …. and when I got back they said they were not finished talking and to wander off again – MizzM is the best. Let’s just say she spoke openly about what I am like in the bedroom :)

So I ended up taking MsK2 and her friend back to MsK2s’ house. No hanky panky as I am not seeking a hookup rather something longer lasting. Had a long deep conversation until 1 am ish and then I left to go take my AMM friends home.

I saw MsK2 over the coming months. For me she was a real keeper, got a 9/10 in all my boxes, and I must say I had the 2 most romantic moments in my life with her…frollicking in the surf, kids playing nearby, sun shining….yeah I was smitten :)

and I said so. In hindsight perhaps that was too much too soon. She was only 1 year out of a 20 yr marriage, still finding herself and not necessarily wanted to become a couple again just yet. We split after 4 months, as I was not what she was looking for. *sigh*..such is life.


Since then it has been back to AMM and looking for that special someone. My requirements are very clear, and so I find it very frustrating when people read those requirements in my profile, they don’t match them..but they contact me anyways saying I sound like a great guy. My most frustrating one was about a month ago. 88 messages back and forth with a lovely lady, and I had this nagging thought that she was not into anal (stated in my requirements as a must for the lady), noting I had broached the subject before. So I put the heavy word on her ..and bham never done it. I was just gobsmacked, I felt that she was being deceitful.

Now I could have replied back immediately but I let it sit over night. Took the calm approach and sent her a message saying I felt she had lied to me in someway but hey could she please explain her viewpoint on the whole thing.

Her reply was “ha ha, poor <myname>”……Yeah I blocked her and moved on. I really don’t get some people.


Another lady MsLD. We got talking in the chat room one night. We tee up sexually but distance is a wee bit of a problem. We are 2+ hours apart. Not good…but she does come to Sydney every 2nd weekend. Hmm OK, an ongoing casual thing. Cool lets meet for coffee (and nothing more – remember that for your meets) and see if we click.
We chatted a bit during that week in the chat room. Friday I whispered her and asked how she was going and when /where for Sunday coffee. No reply. ..another for the blocklist.

Another lady from the chat room, similar thing, too far away, just casual. Cool so be it while the search continues…but on the day they are supposed to contact you they don’t. No shows.
Why do people waste your time like that, :/ ? Oh well, when I find that special one I will have more incentive to be my best because good ones are really hard to find :)


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  1. MsK2 contacted me a few weeks ago… I couldn’t go there. Currently seeking MsC, and frankly while I still do fondly think of MsK2 I am not prepared to be rejected a 3rd time… And it also hurts quite a lot as I fell for her, so I opted out on being friends.

    Will keep you updated on MsC ;)

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