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Posted on Jun 21, 2013 | 0 comments

In The Beginning…

Where to begin….

15 billion years ago seems a bit… well distant

4 billion years ago does not seem much better

Let me fast forward a lot then, and then rewind a bit

So I joined an #adultdating site about 2 years ago on the simple premise that I could get laid for stress release. The theory went that 2 random people want to have sex, meet on site, and then ta-da horizontal folk dancing ensues … It was not to be so.
This is my story. Come join me, sing-a-long if you know the tune ….. “Oh, Oh, Oh my god, roughly on the bed”.
Its a tale of confusion, intrigue, lies, deceit, and the occasional shag*, told by a guy who just wanted the shagging bit.

Let me share my tips n tricks, and humorous tales I have learnt on my journey.


* Yes I use words like shag and root, and not to describe birds and the lower half of trees

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