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Posted on Nov 6, 2013 | 0 comments

Couples – Round 2

Well they don’t call me Daft for nothing…

So I have been talking to a couple for a looong time, since early days of my chat room adventures. Early on we were going to get it on but I was pretty nervous so I was kinda relieved when they cancelled due to home life. 1st time jitters for me.
Also as I recall from the conservations in the following weeks that me being a single guy was not what they were looking for. I could be wrong on that front, was a long time ago now.

Well roll forward a fair bit and I am spending time with a young lady (lets just call her Pony OK :D )  We hook up regularly (but more about that later). All four of us get on in chat, and I have met 2 of the couples at the party at drinks events before, plus 2 other people. I was pleasantly surprised when us 2 got invited to a BBQ with the couple, noting another invite of this party is a lady that I actually like and not just in a sexual way. Definitely one of the reasons for going to this party :)

So picked up my lady around 4:30, did some food shopping and headed over to the party. Pony was at a party the night before so is a bit tired. We rock up, have a BBQ, have a good ole gasbag with various people at this shin dig. Since most are from chat, the laptops come out. Pony and I get gasbagging with someone in chat, various people leave, and before you know it is 130 in the morning, and Pony and I are on the back deck alone. One of the ladies from a couple comes out and says “All the naked people are in the lounge room” :) .

Now I do like a laugh. True to form I am having an awesome laugh with lady and another lady in chat room that I don’t want to interrupt it lol… but sanity prevails at some point and I ask Pony what she wants to do. She is looking a bit hesitant. She is tired, not sure what the safe sex policy is, and does not know one of the couples / not comfortable with them praying at her holiest of holies just yet. Awesome lass that she is, she says “I don’t want to cock block you, you have fun”. How awesome is she huh :D

So I drive her home, then turn around and come back to the orgy…. I mean BBQ :D (one person reading this will know *exactly* what I meant just then :D ).
So in the lounge room are 2 couples, I would be the 5th.  I ask is it OK for me to join in as I don’t have a partner. Yep its all good. So I find my self naked beside 2 ladies. I am pashing one, while another lady is eating her out. Hubby is tweaking her nipples and I get a feel from both ladies. Good times :)

I like people with a competitive nature and this is it in its best form. “I bet I can give better head than you” says 2nd lady to 1st lady. So here I am Best Head job Judge :D
I gotta say they definitely tried. A memorable moment was when 2nd lady reached over and grabbed hubbies hand and put it on her head, with him pushing it down onto my cock. Now I am straight – its not the guy, its the hand on head during head that I like :)

(Oh I think it was the 1st lady to give me head that was the winner. The judges decision is NOT final, they are more than welcome to have a rematch :D )

At some point I am pashing lady number one and sucking on her nipples. Apparently I left a bruise. LOL she has not played with me before – I tend to leave hand prints on boobs, and bite marks :)

The 1st lady (M) comes up for air at some time and lies down between me and her hubby.  She is pashing me, while I am tweaking nipples again, and both guys are getting fondled. Hot. Its gets hotter when I start fingering her. She has such a smooth pussy. Absolutely fab :) Bit of cervix touching, some g spot pumping and she was a happy lass :)
Next I am on top pumping away like a rabbit :) Woo Hoo :)

And…that was about it for that evening. It was now very late and various ppl had to be up early.


What took me by surprise was the invite to come back over the next day.  I got there in the late afternoon. Now I did clarify that Hubby knew I was here before I started anything. He did – awesome, cool I can rest easy. The missus and I talked a lot and then hit the bed room.  Lots of fun was had :)
The funny part of this that made me laugh. He got home and she was getting tired so I hopped out of bed, and he stripped off and climbed in. I had this mental image of these guys
Note sure I got that image across at the time.

Oh I learnt some new rules for what couples accept as being OK do to with other people. No meeting people alone that both partners in the couple had not meet before. Another was  no anal without hubby present, and also no rough stuff, that is hubbies turf only. Interesting but I can see some reasons behind some of these rules. I think safety is the key here – that is kinda obvious with the rough play stuff. The no meeting ppl unless both partners had meet the 3rd before is also safety – both people need to get the right vibe I think.

This has been a great adventure thus far, and this weekend romp was definitely a highlight :D

oh I must talk to that lady about her bruise… :D



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