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Posted on Oct 18, 2014 | 0 comments

Couples – FAIL :p

Not all couples fun is simple and straight forward. Sometimes things just refuse to pan out :p

My current FWB is a very playful lady. I go alright apparently (only 2nd to a guy on illegal performance enhancing drugs)..anyways so she asks if I would like to join in a 6 sum with 2 couples that she knows. Go see a Black Cherry Concert then back to the hotel for fun. That was Tuesday

Woo Hoo am I excited, I just love couples fun. On top of this is that I have already played with one of the couples before (Couples Fun), AND I am loving the fun I have with my current FWB..what could go wrong hey :)

So Tuesday I am very good spirits, Wednesday is dandy too, Thursday is cloud nine…Thursday night I sneeze. Hmm its got that taste that I associate with colds…3 more sneezes that night …yep down with a cold.

Friday is not going well but I have booked the hotel so I have to go. I go to the chemist, get some Sudafed, take some…take some more…and then some more just before I leave for the hotel. This may have been a mistake but hell I needed to feel better.
Got to the hotel, did the checking in thing…the other couples arrived to get ready for the concert but I am not feeling well. I talk for a while, suggest maybe I skip on the concert…but when I had a bit of a vom in my mouth I decided I was out for the evening. Said my goodbyes to everyone, left the passes with them.

Drove home but started getting pins and needles in my left arm. I know this to be an indicator for heart attack . Not good I am thinking..then starts the hyperventilating, and the pins and needles get worse – arms, face, stomach.

I head to hospital as a “WTF, better get this sorted”. Triage nurse is pretty confident its an anxiety attack. Well fuck me hey……3 hours later of breathing into a mask (no oxygen, just air), and a blood sample to check blood sugar levels, and I check my self out.

That was Round 1

Round 2

My FWB, Ms A is having her 40th. She gets a hotel in Bankstown (btw the best 170$ for a serviced apartment I have ever seen. Nice place!). We get ready there, then head out to the RSL club where her favourite band is playing. A great night there, both couples are there but we are sharing the hotel apartment with the new couple (the other couple have family duties the next day). All good, a great night ensues, lots of laughs from people from the dating site and also outside it (not to be confused with “the real world”. Both are real :) )

The new couple leave early to get some sleep. We leave at 3am, back at the hotel by 3:30. I don’t know about you but a 3am start is not my best time to start, especially after a long night and not necessarily the best energy food. We fool around on the couch for a while, bit of doggy, making sure to make some noise of course (I solemnly declare I am not an attention whore :p), into the bedroom for further fun. This is getting very late now,  I am not at my best, not by a long shot…and MsA is pretty drunk – never been my thing and my usual tricks are not getting her where I want her to be.  The male from the couple comes in and watches for a while but we only do the deed for about 45 mins or so.

We wake up in the morning 730 ish. Man I am feeling pretty meh but not going to pass up this opportunity – check out is 10…so we start again…and again I am not doing so great. Good but not great (not by my standards anyways).
We join the other couple in their bed. Woo hoo I think…and it turns out its that time of month for lady #2. On a good note I was lying between them surrounded by booby and arse :D …yeah every cloud has a silver lining :)

Round 3

Ok so I have been hitting the gym, 3 sessions a week – 2 for cardio as I wanted to tackle the root problem leading to this article Viagra and Cialis  (notice the pun :D ).
I also started going to Pilates to work on core strength. Now as a part of all that is stretching. As I was going to Pilates I decreased my stretching time at gym sessions, specifically ham string stretches, as we do a lot of this in Pilates.
Well as it happens I ended up not going to as much Pilates as I should have BUT I did not resume ham string stretching. The results was increasing soreness under my tail bone, making it hard to sit down. Stupidly I let this slide for over 6 weeks before getting it looked at. Unknown to me but it was also causing my right hip to cramp – not a good thing when you are on the home stretch :D
Oh MsA is quite a knowledgeable lady – I described the symptoms and she said piriformis release. So did the physio.

So Ms A invites me to a 4sum with Cpl2 again on a Saturday. Sweet, this should be fun :) . I go to the physio on Friday afternoon, got to get this sorted (amazing what gets action when sufficiently motivated). Feeling much better after the physio – excellent I am thinking :) I also go to see the Science of Sex with Dr Karl . Great show, learnt some new stuff, got to get some of my knowledge out there too to Dr Karl and some other people – no often a very knowledgeable guy hands the reins over to someone else, especially moi who is not qualified as such – I do read a butt load though (he he he butt :p)
OK walked out of there feeling great..and slipped on the wet steps, landed on my back. Faark not good. By the time I got back to the car my lower back was definitely locking up again :/

Roll forward to the next night. All 4 of us go out to dinner, see a band, have dinner and then back to their house by 10pm. Great I am thinking, lets get down to it….1 and 1/2 hours later we start. Guy has bad breath, the heater is cranked (I have polar bear genes apparently – shorts and tshirt in winter is fine with me), the TV is on (music is fine by me but not people talking or the visual of tv – a major distractor for me)…and the 2nd couple are talking shoes and outfits while MsA and I trying to get it on. All that plus being in pain…..yeah I got a boner for about 30 mins in all the time we played. Just could not fuck without being in pain. Totally sucked and very very frustrating.

Went to bed at 2 am ish, could not sleep as I was just that damn horny but could not get off. I let MsA sleep and tried getting off by myself but I could not find a comfortable position what with my back and all. …Finally got close and bumped MsA in a meaningful way. She was up for it, went at it…but again too sore to blow… The only time I have faked it with MsA (other times have been required such as when the lady was cumming but making noises like a distressed possum – so much so that my neighbour came to investigate. I kid you not. I felt for my housemates that night)….Anyways I had to get my self off after that.
Went at it again in the morning, better, managed to blow but again not a great session from me. That too leaves me frustrated – not being the best that I can be.

and that concludes Round 3.

I continue to go to the physio. 3 weeks so far, 2 sessions a week and I am 90% better. Additionally I am stretching 2-3 times a day, most days. This must get sorted.

OK peeps get there and have some fun. Any problems get onto it straight away hey :)

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