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Posted on Aug 5, 2013 | 0 comments

Couples – A Bit Closer

OK an update to this post with some feedback in blue from the couple concerned.

If you are going to walk down the path in this story may I recommend you do it with people you want to be friends with, not just people you want to fuck.

So I had been talking to a couple for quite some time. Just chatting, no expectations, their profile was pretty straight up saying clearly ‘no single guys’. Cool, I said I had read that and was just chatting.
At one point though she did say something that made me query that neutral position. After some clarification it was basically ‘no, but maybe come back when you have a lady friend’.
Cool, I knew where I stood and could just gas bag. We continued to chat on and off over the months that I have been in the chat room. I would of course back off with my general chat to them if it was apparent they were talking to another couple.

“You were mainly chatting with Ms mainly and because you were cool no problem from Mr with this and Mr clearly knew of the attraction from early on.”

One night she says to me that they are going to the Hellfire nightclub with a lady (which I have met intimately from the site, and then back to a hotel room for some play. They have played before from last weekends drinks event.
Of course I am excited for them and said so. It seriously sounded like a lot of fun, go for it, live life.

“That was the first ever time we had played with a single and it was arranged by others she would be there, she was gorgeous and cool otherwise it would never have happened…”

Well the next statement floored me. She also invited moi to go along to the club. LOL, I don’t take the name Daft for nothing because I said “yeah that would be great to go clubbing with you”.
“No, clubbing and then back to the hotel Daft !”
“OMG ! thats awesome, yes ! thank you ”

“Mate just so you are aware, when it was decided that the single Lady would be joining us much to Mr’s excitement I don’t think I could have gone through with it unless there was another male present.”

A first for them going to Hellfire, and a first because they have always played with couples before and single ladies yes, never single guys. So you got to understand that I am pretty honored that they have chosen me for me this first.

“Apart from the weekend before and when we started down this path (Nov 2012) where we arranged a meet with a single lady that was a massive jerk around we had never played with a singe anything…. We decided then that it would be couples only…”

We sort out the payments as I am happy to pay for the room as this idea thrills me no end (Not in my thought patterns but usually single guys at gang bangs split the bill for a room) but we agree I will just pay for their entry to the club ($50 per couple). (I also sort out dinner and drinks but that’s just me being totally stoked at that point of the evening).

Thank you for the assistance with the funding. You would have covered more than your share, making you pay for the whole room would have felt like I was making you pay to be with us and I don’t think the Ms and I wanted you to feel like a customer, without needing it to be discussed I am sure we wanted it to be just friends as if we were going quarters in paying for a dinner at a restaurant…”

Roll forward a week….
The idea was to get ready at the hotel then go the club. Cool I meet the single lady in the foyer, we sit down and have a bit of pash, then its upstairs to get ready.
LOL so here I am meeting this couple for the very first time in person “Hi, Hi” etc, and then my lady is pushing me back on the bed and its on. I clearly remember looking to the side and seeing Hubby walk out of the bathroom, take this situation in and just casually keep walking. This is the only time in the evening that I felt the slightest bit nervous.
It only gets better when my lady climbs off and 2nd lady climbs on. Lets just say I had a little FFM moment that I am quite stoked with – cross that off the bucket list.

I was really shocked but happy when you guys went at it, it was awesome, I was not sure what to do but I understood that you guys have to make up for a couple of other nights that did not go so well, next time, if there is and I would like there to be, we can make that FFM go a lot longer he he he.

We had met twice before Bass Hill and Wollongong drinks and its from those meetings I truly saw just how much Ms dug you and I think I can tell when people are good and have good intentions… At the latter Ms went for a ciggy and was gone a little long I walked out to see where she was and saw you guys and felt relieved, it could have been a bikie! I came over and we chatted I liked seeing her blush speaking with you and then I felt like I was being possessive so I went over to the other who had come out… I didn’t even know we would be playing with Ms T that night at all but I could tell this was going to happen eventually, when it went great with Ms T and she was coming to hellfire with us, obviously I felt obligated to get another dude there…beyond that it was only a matter of who I trusted and Ms dug… presto she nearly fell over when I suggested you… Security is the only issue for me, the Question of can I trust this guy with the Ms and will he treat here how I will treat his Ms”

Next we shower and get ready for Hellfire. Seriously I like being a guy, ready in next to no time. Ladies and corsets though – these things take ages to string up and I was raising a sweat tightening  the corset up, then doing that again for 3 or 4 times before its tight enough and I can tie it off.
(Kudos to the ladies here – these things are *tight*. 4 hours after the corset came off again there was still imprints from the corset strings in the ladies backs!

Then off to Hellfire where we have an awesome time but more on that later in a separate post. We return to the hotel and continue the evenings entertainment. If you have never been in this situation then try it out because:

  • the dynamic is simply awesome, and
  • the face your fears / live life maximum to this short stay on this patch of earth.

Everyone is having a rocking good time – you are with a lady who is having fun and then you look at the other 2 and they are having fun too. It was a fun happy and somewhat noisy experience – I seriously expected management to drop us a line at some point.

I think why this turned out well was

  • the couple had played before so they knew what to expect,
  • I had played with the single lady before and we got it on first so that calmed my nerves,
  • We got along well before we met in person,
    We could ask for what we wanted and it was either a yes or a no. Either way it was cool. Good people are key I think.
  • Viagra – a nervous guy is not a happy guy and I expected to be nervous so I got some of this before hand at the recommendation of the couple. (More on Viagra in a separate post).

From talking to the couple it became apparent from their perspective that they were happy because other couples had gotten pretty tipsy before hand, done the deed and then crashed out, and this couple are still in the “Please sir can I have some more” stage aka frustrated just a bit. Or the guy only wants do the lady in the bum. Anal is cool but it can’t be the only thing.

I am thinking about taking $200 deposits for couples that they get back if I am satisfied that the foreplay effort from the Mr has been adequate… I like getting his Ms off as many times as she will let me before she is ready or in some cases begs me to proceed to the next level… I need to know that Ms is likewise pleasured properly before he takes the next step… thankfully it only happened twice now after so long.

I despise guys that treat my Ms like she is just there for him to unload while I can spend an hour or more with foreplay doing my best to work out what his Ms loves most and giving her my best, taking every past opportunity thus far to make myself the best I can be at pleasuring prior to insertion… It may not be achievable but I want them all to tingle downstairs in 6 days, 10 months or 20 years when she thinks of me and our time together, the dedication I have to what I enjoy most; getting ladies off to the best of my ability.

I want Ms, the most important person to me, respected the same way, I have no issues in a gent doing things better than me I only want to know what they were for myself; by knowing what it was so I can replicate or improve it for her in our alone play times… any guy can fuck and unload in 3 minutes you just need a dick to do that, I want to be responsible for the future tingles.

The biggest thrill and compliment I can ever receive is when a Lady approaches Ms afterward when we are all dressed and thanks her unreservedly for sharing me with her. Another is when the male pulls me aside and says; “Mate how did you make her come by kissing and sucking the tattoo between her lower belly and her hip?” and even better “Man we tried that 4 times and found 4 other ways to get my precious off!”.

Now I am not saying I am better than very very good, I am confident I am and I love to hear that though, I have made plenty of ladies come when younger by sucking their lovely boobs alone… but I have no fucking idea how I make ladies go by sucking a tattoo apart from and it will sound strange;

The only answer or explanation I can offer or share is; it does not matter what you do, to whatever part of their body as long as your focus is on that point “100% mentally” and I am willing all my thought power in channeling every volt/watt within me to the tip of my tongue or when inserted my helmet rim/knob it always gets the greatest reaction out of the lady.

I am an average looking slightly overweight dude, I am pre-programmed to do the best I can given the opportunity in order to be desired in reciprocation.

This night really rocked for me. We finished around 4 in the morning but I continued to chat with the lady until 6am. She crashed out but I couldn’t sleep with my head buzzing with thoughts along the lines of ‘that was a LOT of fun’ and ‘fuck I am a lucky guy!”. I still had a smile on my face at 11am when we went for breakfast, and I didn’t sleep until 2PM that afternoon. I only slept for 4 hours, a sign my brain is working hard, before rising again for dinner.

I would quite like to do this again. Again, my recommendation is that if you go down this path then do it with people you like, not just people you want to fuck.

Rock out with your Spock out

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