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Posted on Oct 29, 2014 | 0 comments

Chat Room Sexting :D aka The Cleaning Help

So one night I was in the chat room and someone said they were going off to do dirty things to their husband. Someone piped up and said “oh what things” and I replied with “Well I don’t think he expected to be cleaning the bathroom at 2am :p”

Shortly after I mentioned I give pretty good sext, which is where this story comes from noting I have taken bathroom cleaning to new highs…or lows :D

Now the part that I found hilarious. I normally get about 40-45 views of my profile per 14 days. However just recently my profile views have gone up significantly…..but all from guys bha ha ha ha PMSL as in 40 views a day!

..and here is the story that started it all :)


He grasped the shaft of the toilet brush in his left hand. A firm but gentle control, the sweat oozing from his skin in the steam of the bathroom after his shower, as if his skin could not contain all the manliness within.

He reached to the window sill, his back arching in the heater lights, ..sweat rolling down his spine as he sought out and found the Jif.  ”Hmm Lemon scented…chicks dig that shit”

He wanted to use the Jif but he knew that gentle as it was that it would mark the bowl. No Mistress wants that, and masculine as he was he only wanted what she wanted. To want anything else would be sacrilegious.

He placed it back on the window sill, glanced off into the distance….saw the reflection of his Mistress in the window, and picked up the Pine-o-clean instead, abashed at his tardiness.

He tossed the Pine-o-Clean in the bin – no one likes that shit, bloody useless stuff he muttered. It floated through the air in a gently moving arc. Straight in, did not even touch the sides. He reached up again, his hand paused in thought and throws then the Bam in the bin as well. Again it does not touch the sides, his effortless precision and control apparent in every move of his body.

His eyes rested on the Harpic. He gripped the body of the bottle in his meaty hand, his right tweaking the white dispenser nipple of the bottle open. It was a bit tight but it was not an even match really. He gripped the bottle firmly and turned it over, squeezing the hourglass shaped container and lets the chilly contents drip down over the hole, over  the edges, watching it slide towards the centre. He picked up the toilet brush and takes a step back, .knocking the guy on the edge of the bathtub into it. The other slave scrabbles for purOKchase and turns the shower taps on, presoaking it for the next phase of cleaning.

He puts the toilet brush into the bowl, getting it wet and covered in the harpic. deeper and deeper he works it, taking care to get the sides covered too. Up and down he works the brush, flexing at the knees as he gets in deep, rotating his hips as he starts a circular motion.

*writers block !…call a plumber ? *

Deeper and harder he goes but he does not want to scratch the delicate surface. He reaches for the Harpic again, and puts the gentle curve of the nozzle up and under the rim, squeezing the cool solution directly into the bowl….the gurgling increases…

He keeps pumping away with his brush, wider and wider circles, occasionally pulling all the way out, and then stuffing it back in.

He pulls the brush out once more. “Oh yeah thats one clean bowl, I can see clear down to Mexico, hur hur hur”. “Better give it a rinse”. He places his hand on the cool back of the plunger button. He pumps vigourly with his toilet brush, thrusting harder and harder, the water and the Harpic creating a foaming mess in the bowl. “uuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHH”. His moan getting louder as he pushed down hard on the flush button, the swirling, pulsing waters plunging down the clean bowl, foaming and bubbling as they go.

As he pulls the brush out for the final time he called out “DONE!”, slamming the lid shut, knowing that his job was indeed done, and done well….He placed the Hapic on the shelf, the brush back in it’s holder, and walked away.

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