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Posted on Jun 4, 2014 | 0 comments

6 months in summary :)

Hey Groovers and Shakers :)

Its been a while for me but needed to get things out – its been bugging me. I have been busy:

  • Running back and forth between cities to see my sister who is ill. She has since moved even further away and a 7 hr commute one way does not appeal nor fit in with my work. Am heading down this long weekend though to see her :)
  • Dated a lady briefly prior to Xmas (MsM)
  • Xmas thing with family
  • Went a New Years Eve party, got a wee bit drunk – I am a happy drunk :)
  • Went to a fancy dress birthday party for two associates from the dating site. Good times even if I was under dressed
  • Meet a lady at said party (MsL)
  • Split with said lady after 2 months
  • Damn glad I split – she is a bit cray cray as they say :)
  • Started going out again with the lady I split with (MsE) prior to MsM – that was about 4 weeks ago.
  • Split up again with MsE. That was about 2 weeks ago.
  • Faark I am a slut lol…oh and started to read a book called The Ethical Slut
  • Went Thursday night food shopping in a Spiderman outfit :D
  • Taking it easy now :)


We both appeared in the chat room but never actually spoke as I still maintain my 2 concurrent conversation rule. I said to her in chat a few times I missed out on talking to her, got to do it next
There was a drinks night I think late September. We agreed in chat to meet other at the drinks event…… MsM walked in and I was smitten. Never seen a pic of this lady but wow one very nice looking lady in my books…. Pulled up a chair for her next to me and proceeded to gas bag for ages :) I might have snuck a pash in somewhere in there when we got drinks :)  Later on I escorted her to her car. On the way out I said to the bouncer “Just seeing this lady to her car”.
We pashed for about 2.5 hours :D Good times, hot. Sprung by some friends as they left the pub LOL…. I went back to the pub and the bouncer was surprised to see me lol….*cough* ” yeah her seatbelt got stuck ” :D

Things progressed and we started dating. Surprisingly to me she had not viewed my profile – I always read profiles early on….  Top chick. 1 of only 2 that I thought I would entertain long term, and I was thinking that from the start. Real keeper. Good looking, very smart, very nice person, and quality friends – you can judge a person by the quality of their friends.

Unfortunately things were not quite happening in the bedroom for me. That’s important to me, 1 of my 4 pillars for a relationship. 3 pillars for friendship are Respect, Humour, and Honesty. Relationships add a pillar and that’s good sex….well that was not happening for me, so I split up with her.
To this day I feel like a heel for telling her via SMS. She was gutted as she had also been fucked over by someone else via SMS that day. Not a good day for her.
I sent her an SMS in a “Get Results” mood – basically if you want to achieve a goal just do it, action it. My advice is…. don’t when it comes to people :/


Fun was had by all at both parties. I like this crew, most of them are good people. Some people I will not get along with, and the chat room people are no exception but only 1 or 2 that I did not gel with – long way for the shyest kid in primary and high school :)
The 2nd one was a dress up one. Some real stunning outfits. MsM was there, made me smile. Some other people too….lets call him MrT. Fucking hilarious as a cross dresser. He did a very good job :) Unfortunately he was wearing a revealing g string, and lol I would I find my see ball gazing and then cringing LMAO. Bit of a perve I am :)

At that same party I meet a lady MsL…..


Hmm where to start ?? We clicked at the party. I even went so far as to wander off and talk to other people, didn’t want to appear too keen – she was certainly scoring well on my frroar meter ;) Bit of curves goes well with me  :)We hooked up, we dated….but again I was not feeling it in the bedroom.

Additionally she was coming on very strong from the very beginning. I think within 2 to 3 weeks it was official – ie on Facebook :p During that time I was kind of OK with that, rolling with the waves but not feeling it as strong. Feelings yes, love no.
Also I think I missed out on some pointers in my teenage years. One day we were heading up into the Blue Mountains for a day trip. 10 minutes down the road it started pissing down rain. I had turned my mum down for coffee only 20 mins prior…and I thought “Hey we can have coffee with mum”. I didn’t think anything of that….she did :/ I also said “I love you” as she was getting out my car own night. Not a lets get married I love you, just a…. low ranking I love you. …. I saw that it had the wrong effect, and did not say it again.

Well things not happening for me in the bedroom again. I even noticed myself not going as long as I was not really interested, and that was over a two week period. I was thinking “I don’t want to be with her but she is going to get really hurt – how the hell do I say this”.

Prior to that 2 weeks we had agreed to go up the coast to see her parents, some of her family. I really really should have said no to that – I suck at lying and I was not ready to tell her the truth :/ I stayed on the painful fence and did nothing

After we came back I was thinking I had to do something about this – I could not lead her on…. so I asked her over (not wanting to send an sms) and told her straight up, finally manned up to it….yeah April Fools day was not the day to do that. It was not even on my radar but it was on hers.

During that breakup talk she said that she had noticed something was up during the 2 week period and so…”had stopped eating as much”. That statement floored me, had me going WTF in my head. I really don’t get that – do dieting if you want to but never to impress someone else. Rather find people that are impressed by the new you.
So there was that comment which was a bit odd.

As part of the break up talk  she told me to unfriend her on Facebook and never to contact her again. So I did. I am an engineer type though – I take things quite literally. No comms means no comms – blocked, unfriended on Facebook
Understand my engineer surprise when I cop flake for blocking her. I was a bit taken back. She went off in the chat room.
Next came the love you SMS’s followed by the hate you SMS’s. All good, I understand, she is grieving and lashing out. However this went on and on….and on. I started by blocking her phone number from calling me – she could still SMS – as I was getting calls very late at night. Eventually I added her number to my spam list – no more SMS. Well then I get calls and SMS from her daughters phone *low whistle*. Wow that’s a bit keen, a bit odd :\ Blocked that phone number too.
I am also at this time getting I love you/hate you emails, KIKs, and WhatsApps. Again that’s a bit keen, a bit odd.

During this time I went back in the chat room, and was talking to people – just chillaxing, not looking to meet, just having some laughs. Its my way of relaxing – I have fun in there :)  MsL can see what I am typing and so can can see me having laughs with people…including ladies in Sydney where we live. I got a few emails along the lines of “I hope you like fucking such and such, you got over me quickly”.

I was in chat Mon, Tue, and Wed. Thursday though I was in the office until 10PM. Wrapping it up and I get a bitter “hope you are enjoying your date” email. A selfie at my office desk emailed back got an apology pretty quickly… This is happening 2 weeks after we split up.

MsL is in chat and whispers me. It was clear she needed to vent so I let her. She wanted to meet and talk face to face. My gut feeling, right or wrong, was “I don’t feel safe”. That’s pretty hardcore to be thinking about someone….. I declined. She kept at it and eventually I said I would call her her next day.
Needs to be said at this point that I live with my ex girlfriend. I also have 3 other flatmates as well. ExG and I get along well enough, have business interests together, zero interest in each other personally – she has been going out with her guy for 2 years now.

During that phone call MsL says she spoke to a psychic. Said psychic described my exG down to a tee apparently, even got the 1st letter of her name correct….pity she was so totally off on me fucking my ex while MsL and I were going out. Sorry, just not going to happen – we split for a reason, I am not going back for round 3 with exG. Whats worse is that MsL is hearing that and its feeding her insecurities.
MsL wanted to meet in person so that she could see my face when I replied to that statement.

I ended up blocking MsL in chat – the conversations were not healthy, she was not healing/moving on – so I cut off ties. I got a whisper from another lady about 2 weeks later with a very similar username, the gist of was “you bastard, MsL is really hurt. She is now in hospital because she is not eating or sleeping”.
Well anyway I entertained that conversation for about an hour before deciding that the speech patterns were too similar to MsLs. The fact that they both were seeing the same psychic did not help my attitude to this conversation. I killed it and ended up blocking that username as well.

Towards the end of all this MsL said she was coming over to see me. I flat out said “No, that will be trespassing” – remember my gut feel from before, that’s why. I even contacted the police to find out the G O. Basically

  • Don’t open the door.
  • Tell them to go away now, they are trespassing, and
  • To call the police.

Thankfully it has not come to that…but after a repeat of that threat I wrote her an email (bcc’d the police officer I spoke to above) and stated clearly

  • that if she came over it would be trespassing
  • I would be pressing criminal charges
  • she has been notified in writing via her 2 email addresses
  • she was not to contact me anymore

Ah yeah well she has not come over but I was still getting emails until 2 weeks ago. We dated for about 2 months, starting in Jan. Its now the start of June. Do the math :/
I don’t know if she is still sending them as I now have a filter that just deletes her email as it comes in – I don’t even see it anymore.

I ended up blocking her on my 3 email accounts, KIK, and WhatsApp. … I feel a bit weird writing this now….ain’t no emoticon for that. It’s a bit unnerving…. I wish her well though, she has some healing to do.


Well MsE is simply the best sex I have ever had. I totally loved her body, she went off in the bedroom, we had the right amount of kink for each other, and I fucked her hours as her enthusiasm pushed me to new limits – we did Friday 5 hours, Saturday morning 4 hours, Saturday night 4 hours, Sunday morning 3 hour.  Sunday night she would said no, too sore :D

Pity she was such a bitch. If I didn’t SMS her I copped a cranky SMS. She had been through 1 or 2 Personal Assistants – one even cried because of what she said.
Not really my type of lady….my dick lead me back though…not for long. Split it off again, not ever going back.

Bummed about that. She has set a high bar for anyone else, and I am finding it difficult to adjust to ‘lesser’ sex….which is fucked up as I have had some pretty damn good sex since then.


The Ethical Slut

A book by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. I was put on to it by a friend from the dating site. Her hubby and her are swingers. I have not finished reading it but my friend said it was too one sided, barracking for polyamory.

Check it out, just to learn a different perspective on things. You don’t have to adopt it the lifestyle, just read about it :)

PS I am not affliated.


Went Thursday night food shopping in a Spiderman outfit

Bha ha ha ha ha :)
Life is short, don’t take it too seriously :)

Taking it easy for now

Hanging out in the chat room talking. Only 1 lady sparked my interest, and then I read her profile and she was a smoker, so no deal. I am not overly interested in a shag right now – been that way since MsE. I would describe it as “not looking but if someone came along…”
Just chillaxing basically. Going to gym – I have been doing that regularly now for 3 months – basically since I stopped seeing my sister and wrapping up the lease etc in Canberra. I have just started hitting the diet side of things in a bigger way. Started Pilates too, get that core in tip top shape ;)


OK Groovers and Shakers, keep it real, keep it fun, and remember….Storm troopers can’t shoot for shit :p

Have a good one
Daftie :)

PS I might update this as time goes on and I think of things that have happened in the past 6 months.

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